Paul Wallach’s 2018 sculpture-installation / land drawing "Down to the Ground" marks the finale of the Salzburg Foundation’s 5 year Krauthügel Art Project.

The work, consisting of 70 white cement blocks weighing 200 tons and occupying roughly 2000 square meters, resembles a 4 pointed fallen star when seen from above.

The construction of "Down to the Ground" is documented through a time-lapse shot in March 2018 from atop the Hohensalzburg Fortress. 
Set to John Cage’s 1948 work for solo piano, "In a Landscape", the video captures the transition of seasonal change through April 2019.

Despite its monumental dimensions, "Down to the Ground" was also conceived on a human scale. Rising just 40 cm above the ground, “the work is an open invitation to be explored physically as a place to sit down, lean on, or wander through, a designated space for emptiness, a framed lawn, an intensification of the celestial dome above, a dancing equilibrium for those who climb onto its edges”. (Doris von Drathen)

Click on the Livestream:

Paul Wallach - Down to the Ground 2018 from Paul Wallach on Vimeo.