Event starts on: July 27, 2019
Event ends on: Aug. 24, 2019

External Event

Address: Kollegienkirche Salzburg

About the event

This motto of the Habsburg Friedrich III. (1415 - 1493) has undergone various interpretations over the centuries, but in fact has never been definitively deciphered. We chose it as the title of this year's exhibition in Salzburg, following the (slightly) ironic, contemporary interpretation "Austria is in all seriousness irreplaceable".

We show a selection of masterpieces of Austrian artists, Attersee, Brus, Cibulka, Kocherscheidt, Nitsch, Rainer, all of which can claim to add a typical Austrian component to international trends.

In the upper gallery we present a solo exhibition "Healing Tactics" with drawings, collages, watercolors from 2008 - 2019 by the young Turkish artist Ferhat Özgür. This exhibition was curated by Toni Stooss, the former director of the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg.

And as every year, we show a selection of works by young and younger artists to whom we have dedicated a solo exhibition in the Vienna gallery in recent months.

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